Friday, April 26, 2013

DIY Picture Ledge...on the cheap

Tis the end of April, and you know what that means?  FRANTIC SEARCHING FOR A NEW APARTMENT.  My current lease is up at the end of May, and even though I love my current place, it’s time for a change.  So that being said, I should probably post some of the things I have done around the place to make it look snazzy. 

I live in a loft, which means a whole lotta ceiling space (and echo potential, so don't make any noises you don't intend for anyone else to hear...including bodily  What to do with all that excess wall?  Build a picture ledge of course.  I can’t take credit for this project, as I basically copied it from Ana White’s tutorial found here.   Basically, the shelf is made out of 8 foot long 1x2’s and 1x4’s. I bought the pre-primed boards, which cost an extra $5 but saved me in paint for a grand total of $18.  Cheap and easy just the way I like it (Sure beats Pottery Barn’s picture ledge, which looks the same and costs $110).

After assembling and mantling the picture ledge, fill it with artwork and other treasures.  I purchased all of my frames at IKEA or second hand.  Frugal Tip: Take the maps provided for free from the CTA and frame them.  I also purchased fun wrapping paper squares from Dick Blick and framed those too!  The paper only costs $3-5 and fits perfectly in a $5 IKEA frame.

Now you have no excuse for your bare ugly walls, so get to it.

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