Sunday, September 11, 2011

How do you like them apples?

I'm so uninspired today, I don't know how interesting of a post I can produce. It's 9/11, the Bears just won...but I've got nothing.  My brain might just be fried.  I spent the weekend grocery shopping and studying....the life of a city girl is unbelievably exciting.

N and I came home with quite the load yesterday.  Fruits, veggies, breads, brownies, you name it we got it.  I love a full fridge.  I can't wait to make some fall recipes...... pumpkin pie, apple cider, apple pie......
I'll be sure to post when I make them cause I'm sure it will be disastrous.

At least I'll look cute doing it, thanks to my good friend Jenna who visited this weekend and came bearing gifts!  She gave me this little ruffled apron....  Loves it!  Now I'm kitchen ready.

As mentioned I plan on making some divine apple desserts this fall, so I needed a cute little table top bowl to store all of my apples!  I found the inspiration blog:  Every Creative Endeavor.  The blog wasn't really inspiration, as it was more "follow directions to a T".  I had no creative input for this project.   I purchased 50' sisal rope from Ace and got out my handy glue gun...behold the final product:

I followed her tutorial, but I suspect I used too large of a pyrex bowl as a mold.  I like the final product....but it's a little wonky. In retrospect I probably would have just purchased a clear bowl from the dollar store and glued the rope to the outside.

For now I'm happy with my table top apple bowl...but I'll like it even better when it's empty and the apples are in pie form.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Apt. 913

Happy Labor Day Weekend Ya'll!  I hope you have more exciting plans than me....staying at home with the cats.  Perhaps perusing the Chicago Jazz Festival.

So many of my friends are out of town or on vacation this weekend....good for you.  I'm jealous.  Since I can't leave my tiny little apartment, I'll just reminisce on previous vacations.

Have you ever been to Sweden?  I have!  My grandparents took me on a Scandinavian vacation 3 years ago...Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia.  It was amazing.  Did you know IKEA originated in Sweden?
I <3 Sweden

I had a complex the whole time.  Swedish people are ridiculously good looking. Tall, thin, and blonde.  All of them.

So, a few months ago when my wooden IKEA bed slats cracked in half, I wasn't surprised ( I guess I was a little surprised- I know I'm a weight watchers drop out...but cracked bed slats...come on!).  I attributed the destruction to fat America- Swedes just aren't used to having to accommodate all that extra poundage.  The slats were eventually replaced, and since I plan on being on Hoarders 20 years from now, I couldn't bear to part with the old wooden slats.  So on to the balcony they went.  I just knew someday they would come in handy.

A few months ago I saw DIY Nail House Numbers via curbly
I adored the look.  A couple problems:  I don't own a home, I rent +  I have nowhere to nail numbers outside of my apartment.  I mean, I guess I could...if I wanted to lose my security deposit.  No thanks I'm poor enough as it is.  I was determined to bring the nail/industrial vibe to my apartment, so I thought I could turn the house numbers into art!
Step 1: Gather wood and cut to size.  The ikea slats were perfect for this project, they just needed to be cut down, since they were a little long.  I was uber excited to finally be able to use my jig saw.  Some girls get excited over nail polish....I get excited over saw dust.  Don't judge me.

This is my sad work area. Thanks for the drill dad :)

Step 2:  Sand and stain wood.  Affix 4 wood planks together.
I used ebony stain I had on hand. My finger nails were stained for the next 48 hours.  My patients probably thought I never wash my hands.

Cut and sanded, ready to be stained
Post ebony stain
3.  Print Template.  I decided I wanted to nail "913" (my apartment number) onto the planks.  It wouldnt be too hard to do initials, or short words either.  I used the font "Gunshot" in size 850 via Microsoft Word
4.  Start screwing/hammering in nails or screws around the template.  I used black drywall screws purchased for $5.95 box/350 screws.  Once done with the outline, remove the paper
**I initially purchased 3 boxes of black Mason Nails.  Rookie mistake. Maybe they would have worked if I was Paul Bunyan....
Start by screwing in around the borders
Remove the paper when done with the borders
5.  Fill in the gaps with remaining screws
6.  All done.  I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm in love.

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