Friday, March 29, 2013

{DIY Gift Wrap} Part 3: Personalized Paint Swatch Gift Tag

Hi my lovelies, sorry for the hiatus in gift wrap posts (I know, I know, HOW EXACTLY are you supposed to wrap your abundance of gifts without a new weekly tutorial???).  The last few weeks have been just too stressful and depressing for me to concentrate on my blog, but life must go on.

I’m going to cut to the chase; today’s tutorial is the paint swatch gift tag.  I hate spending money on gift tags, and I love me some free stuff.  If you’re a cheaparse thrifty like me, you’re going to love this tutorial.   Every time I’m at the Depot or Lowes I take the opportunity to collect my favorite color paint swatches; you just never know when they are going to come in handy.  My local Ace Hardware limits the amount you can take to 5…..the last time I was there I snatched 7 swatches. My palms underarms were sweaty and I was looking over my shoulder like a paranoid schizophrenic and/or meth head….I need to get out more.

Anyways, for this tutorial all you need is:
·         Paint swatch that has multiple colors (not just a solid square paint swatch….it will work but won’t look as fancy…)
·         Memories Slice Cutter (or similar)
·         String/Ribbon (to tie the gift tag to your package)

So basically, you just need a paint swatch with enough colors to spell out the person’s name that you’re gifting.  Example (Katie- Need at least 5 colors, if there are more you can cut the end colors off to shorten to swatch to 5 colors.  For this tutorial I spelled the name Masato, hence 6 letters/colors)

Really this is pretty self explanatory.  Center the slice on each paint swatch color and cut a different letter per color.  Easy peasy.  Attach the tag to the package with string or ribbon and you’re done.  (sorry this package looks a little…Christmassy….that’s probably because it was a Christmas gift…)
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