Saturday, December 7, 2013

2013 Stocking Stuffers

Oh Screwdrivers and Stethoscopes, how I’ve neglected thee.

I haven’t abandoned my little blog, I promise.  Life has just gotten in the way.  Weddings.  Jobs.  Holidays.  Repeat. I promise I will have some great posts coming up on the things I have been up to, but in the meantime, let’s discuss 2013 stocking stuffers.

Here are some affordable little stuffers sure to make Santa do a double take:

For the fashionista:

Polka Dot Winter Tights- $9.80
In the cold of winter (last I checked it felt like -9 degrees) you can’t exactly go bare-legged.  Solution:  adorbs tights.
Anatomical Snog me mints- $2.81

Okay not exactly fashion, but I just love things that come in little packages. Plus I love all things Brit. And nice breath isn’t a bad quality either.

For the techie:
Ilovehandles  iPhonePost It Case- $7.95

I love this.  How often do you need a piece of scratch paper, and don’t have one?  For me that’s basically every day.  Note to self: stop taking so many notes. Note to self: get an iphone.

Eye-Fi Wireless SD Cards-$49 and up
So these guys are a little more expensive, but where they lack in affordability, they make up in awesomeness.  I don’t know about you, but I have pictures on my camera’s memory card dating back to 2008.  I love toting my camera to events, but never seem to manage to upload the pictures to my computer.  The solution: the Eye-Fi series, which wirelessly transfers photos from your digital camera directly  to your iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Computer, etc.

For the foodie:
Sriracha Candy Canes- $7.99
I haven’t been too fond of candy canes ever since that time I got the “stomach flu” after consuming them in bulk (Yes, I realize there is no such thing as “stomach flu” and yes I realize consumption of candy canes and gastroenteritis are generally unrelated).  HOWEVER, I might consider nomming on one or two of these strange yet intriguing candies!

Pluck Egg Yolk Separator- $12.99
I’m not sure if this is just an elaborate turkey baster or what.  But either way, I know for sure I always end up picking pieces of egg shell out of my cake batter because I have no idea how to separate egg yolks from the whites.  Enter the Egg Yolk Separator.  You’re welcome.

For the athlete:
Chicago Skyline White Sox Knit Hat- $20
Okay, so this is a shameless selfish suggestion, since this hat represents two of the things I hold dearest to my heart:  Chicago and the White Sox.  This hat is perfect for the days you want to exercise outdoors, but don’t want bright red painful Rudolph ears (you know what I’m talking about!?  Or is it just me…)
Contigo Autoseal Kangaroo Water Bottle-$12
So I ALWAYS have the dilemma of what to bring to workout.  My keys? I really don’t want to be locked out of my apartment, but I don’t want to carry the stupid things around.  Same goes for my ID and Credit Card. You just never know when you are going to need spontaneous retail therapy. 
The Contigo water bottle solves all of my problems.  And hydrates me, which is especially important when I’m out of breath and wheezing because I haven’t been to the gym in a month….but that is a whole different problem…..

 So there you have get to stuffing!

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  1. we wouldn't mind waking up to snogging mints or that iphone case come Christmas morning!


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